1 week left

There’s just one week left before we break-up for a week-long ‘October break’. One final week where deadlines can hit, and there are classes to attend. Everyone’s rather drained at this point, especially second years so it’s a well planned, well-timed and well deserved break for everyone to just relax and recharge a little. People have different plans of their own, some are going home but many are going to be wandering around the UK and parts of Europe. As with last year, I’m staying in the Castle, along with some 30+ people who’ll also be staying on campus. Not sure of the arrangements but we’ll see what happens.

Hopefully it’ll give me some extra breathing room to finish all the work that’s piled up. EE’s are largely out the way, but that was nothing more than a signal that IAs should start piling in. In addition to catching up on some of the IB stuff which is tough enough on its own, there are a large series of university deadlines looming and the like so life will be tough. Hopefully I’ll come out the other end rested and having finished most of my work.