A Warning about Spam

I have 3 seperate email accounts. 4 if you count the school’s account. With over 70 emails a day, I am in-debt to spam filtering software that save me having to read pointless emails about erections, winning money that doesn’t exist and other scams. But while we might all like to ignore our spam box, delete everything in it or just not look at it, a word of warning – CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX!

Yes, while we we all hate spam, look in your spam box. You never know what you might find. Filtering systems aren’t perfect and they will accidentally filter important emails into your spam box. I have on numerous ocassions found communication, stuff with deadlines and other important emails in my spam box. If I hadn’t looked, it would have dissapeared and I wouldn’t have known about it. In fact, I found an important university email just yesterday while going through my spam box.

The trick isn’t to ignore your spam box. It’s to use your time efficiently and not to waste time sorting the spam from the not-spam. So check your spam box once every two or three days. You never know what surprise you might find in there. It might be rare that something goes astray, but wouldn’t you rather the extra click and scroll every once in a while than losing that all-too important email?