BLCU BP Debate Tournament [MOTION]

Motions from the Beijing Language and Culture Univeristy BP Debate Tournament. Visit for more information.

R1: THW allow doctors to prescribe placebos to patients without their knowledge
R2: THBT parents of students in compulsory education should be allowed to demand that their children be taken out of certain courses
R3: TH opposes the establishment of an Apple Computer Store in the Library of Peking University
R4: THBT major cities in China should impose congestion traffic charges to discourage car ownership
R5: THBT the State should not own any media
R6: THW mandate a quota for women to insure adequate representation in government
R7: THBT financial assistance for the poor should be the responsibility of charities, not government
QF: TH opposes the Palestinian President Abbas’ bid for UN membership
SF: THW withdraw benefits from those who addicted to drugs if they refuse treatment
GF: THBT countries should cease giving development aid to countries with nuclear weapons programs