Enhancing Productivity

Whether it’s our work, school or social life, time is never plentiful. After a year-long slog through the IB, it has become clear that more important than devoting lots of time to working is being extremely productive when one does end up working.

I’ve come to find that the biggest difficulty is not getting distracted. I don’t just mean not procrastinating. I mean where you do one piece of work and somehow end up doing something else and lose your way along the process.

That’s why I would suggest listing and checking things off. Write down a list of things to do. The tasks should be specific and not last longer than 15 minutes. Instead of writing ‘Complete essay’, you should have ‘Complete Chapter 1’, ‘Complete bibliograph’, ‘Proof read essay’ etc.

Once you’ve done a task, cross it or tick it off. Thus gives an immense sense of satisfaction and shows you that you’ve actually making progress.