Hard Times

A lot of things have happened here in rainy Wales since Challenge Camp. It has only been a week, but the good sunny weather we enjoyed has now largely disappeared, replaced by the same old dark smog that hangs over us everyday. Having arrived in Exeter with 5 am sunrises, we are now back in the dark mornings where it looks almost the same as it did the night before. The sun doesn’t rise until 7:30 now and being one of those who go down for breakfast at 7:15, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the motivation to drag ones tired, drained body around in the dark.

SATs may be over, but the university search, the applications and tests continue as always. If anything, this has gotten more and more time consuming. The challenge of course is to be able to balance all of these with studying the IB itself and all the other lovely things that AC allows you to do. Preparations for AC MUN 2012 have also begun in earnest. Although the conference isn’t until next term, we begun preparation, opening applications for Committee Chairs and hopefully securing the attendance of a number of external delegations.

Busy times. Hoping to survive.



  1. Remember to drink sufficient of water, and have fruits ( eg. an orange ), which contains vitamin C every day to stay healthy!

    All the best!

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