WSDC 2011 – Tournament Committee Meeting Follow-up

Follow-up from the WSDC Tournament Committee Meeting held at WSDC 2011.
Minutes at the end of the page.

I would like to formally thank all those who were members of these committees for 2010/2011 and welcome all those who have been elected for 2011/2012.

Tournament Executive Committee:
Chair: Beth James (Wales)
Vice Chair: Taimur Bandey (Pakistan)
Secretary: Roger Hatridge (Korea)
Joshua Park (Korea)
Hayah Eichler (Israel)
Derek Lande (Ireland)
Irene McGrath (Scotland)
TJ Senmargern (Thailand)
Ben Woolgar (England)

Motions Committee:
Chair: Will Jones (Scotland)
Ben Woolgar (England)
Joe Roussous (South Africa)
Kip Oebanda (Phillipines)
Eva Spoor (The Netherlands)
Taimur Bandey (Pakistan) – nominated by the host
Dan De Kadt (South Africa) – nominated by the host

Complaints Committee
Taimur Bandey (Pakistan)
Ronit Prawer (Israel)
Roger Hatridge (Korea)

Sorry to those of you who got a double-shot of this message. It is being sent to Netpals, the best way to get information out for WSDC, as well as the last list of many people involved in the Dundee WSDC. If you are not yet on Netpals, please follow the instructions here:

A message will come out shortly about joining working groups. We look forward to active participation in the WSDC community.

WSDC Executive Committee
Roger Hatridge
2011 WSDC Executive Secretary

Meeting Minutes