IIUM Debate Open 2011 [MOTION]

Debate Open 2011 hosted by the International Islamic University of Malaysia, English Debate Club held on from the 16-18th September 2011.

R1 :THBT the billions spent by Sheikh Mansur in Manchester should instead be used for the Ummah
R2: THW extend Child Abuse Laws to include punishing parents who force homosexual children to become straight
R3: THBT it is time to induct India as the 6th member of the United Nations Security Council
R4: THBT Libya’s assets should only be totally unfrozen post-elections
R5: THW Ban any Audio Visual depiction and/or staging of interspecies intercourse
QF: THBT the west should support and not condemn the unilateral declaration of an independent Palestine
SF: THBT raising the US national debt ceiling was a big mistake
GF: THBT Saudi Arabia should prohibit Afghans, Pakistanis and all citizens of countries with Al Qaeda bases to go to Mecca to perform their Hajj and/or Umrah as part of the war on terror