UWC AC Challenge Camp 2011

So there has been a massive lack of personal updates, mostly because life is so stressful there isn’t much time to write a lot here. As a good friend of mine likes to say “IB Year 2 Term 1. nuff said.”

In any case, we got a break of sorts earlier this week. We spent 4 days camping in the Wye Valley on the border between Wales and England. We had to set up the tents, cook our own meals and spent the mornings and afternoons doing 6 activities on rotation: Kyacking, Orienteering, Climbing, Caving, Mountain Biking and Survival Skills.

It was all a good bit of fun and a chance to bond with the other 2nd years. I quite liked it given that I’m usually stuck in my little cubical working anyways. It was good to get out and do something different, and I enjoyed all the activities so that wasn’t too much of a problem.

Some pictures from Challenge Camp:

Came back to lots of work and general craziness. Life couldn’t be any harder, or so I’d like to think but we’ll see how things pan out.



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