Binghamton IV 2011 [MOTION]

Inter-Varsity Debate Competition held by Binghamton University, US on the 17th and 18th of September, 2011. Motions from @SteveLlano

R1: THBT the state should not fund art
R2: THBT governments should be allowed to disable social networks during civil disorder
R3: THBT Obama will not be re-elected
R4: THW make the behavior modifying drugs available without a prescription
R5: THW give women equal position in war with men
R6: THBT the UN should recognize Palestine as a state
QF: THW allow the creation of donor siblings
SF: THBT it is time for all the EU members to issue only debt bonds that are backed by all members
GF: THBT nationalism is a virtue

Novice SF: THW increase the number of permanent members on the UN Security councils