Shenzhen University China Debate Academy [MOTION]

Motions used at the Shenzhen University China Debate Academy in Autumn 2011. For more details visit

Demonstration Debate: THW give prisoners the right to vote in general elections

Practice Debates:
THW remove all restrictions on internal migration
THW allow minors to have sex-change operations without parental consent
THW allow the use of torture
THW require doctors to disclose the truth of the condition of patients who are terminally ill to the patient
THW pay university graduates in China not to move to megacities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
THBT China should establish military bases abroad
THBT the Chinese government should require corporations to provide compensation to families of employees who commit suicide

R1: THW ban “shanzhai” products
R2: THW hold the passengers of cars driven by drunk drivers criminally liable
R3: THBT China should not buy European Bonds until EU lifts arms embargo on China
R4: THW ban websites that glorifies anorexia and bulimia
R5: THBT a woman who wears high heels is no more free than a woman who wears burqa
QF: THBT intellectual property from projects funded by public funding should be put in the public domain
SF: THW make prenuptial agreements a pre-requisite for marriage
GF: THBT the West should stop waging War on Terrorism