WSDC 2012 – 8th BDC Pre-World 2011

The selection process for Team Bangaldesh WSDC 2012 begins with the 8th Bangladesh Debate Council Pre-World. The 8th BDC Pre-World will be held at South Breeze School, Uttara from 13th to 15th October 2011 and will begin the process to select 5 debaters to represent Bangladesh at WSDC 2012. It will be organized by the South Breeze Executive Committee.

Age Limit: over the age of 14, under the age of 19 as of January 17th 2012. (For further details check
Team Cap (per institution): 6
Tournament Team Cap: 60

Pre-Registration will occur at
Registration will follow shortly where schools must submit a photocopy of the participants passport to verify their age.

An Official invitation letter will be uploaded very soon by the South Breeze Executive Committee, and will also be mailed to various schools. Debaters should look out for the announcment of 3 prepared motions and the Grand Final motion.

The facebook event page for the 8th BDC Pre-World 2011 can be found at

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