WSDC 2012 – Team Netherlands Trials

I can’t read dutch. But those wishing to represent The Netherlands should visit or where details of trials for Team Netherlands @ WSDC 2012 can be found.

The first stage involves written applications to be sent to
12 students will be selected to attend the second stage involving trials to be held at University College Utrecht. The trials day will feature short tutorials in WSDC followed by three debates, two impromptu and a prepared debate.
The final team will be selected and announced on October 5th.

[UPDATE] An english version has been posted at and I have reposted it below.

Every year the DSDC Foundation hosts the ‘Dutch Schools Debating Championship’ to select the best Dutch debaters for Dutch national team. However, this year the timespan between the World Schools Debating Championships 2011 and 2012 is too short, so we had to find a new way to select the Dutch Team. We still want to give every high-school student the chance to get into the national team, so we are organizing Trials. All high-school students in the Netherlands can register for the trials until 23 September.

Since we cannot accommodate too large a group, we select 12 students from all applicants. These twelve debaters will come together with our coaches on Saturday, October 1 at University College Utrecht. During the day they will participate in three debates. Two of these will be about unprepared motions and one will be about a motion that the students will receive a week in advance.

Seven students will be selected based on their performance in the debates. The final four debaters will be selected at the end of October and represent The Netherlands at the WSDC 2010.

How can I sign up?
Every high-school student in the Netherlands who is younger than 19 years old is eligible to participate. Signing up is easy:

Step 1: Send an email before 23 September to containing the following:

1. Personal information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Current school and year (for example: Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium, year 5)
  • Date of birth

2. A summary of your previous experiences with debating. (Note: this will not be decisive. We welcome everyone, no matter the experience they have. In previous years quite a few students have been selected without any experience.)

3. A short letter of motivation.

When we have received your email, we will send you a case with a current issue in the news. We will ask you to give your opinion on the topic and support it with argumentation in 250 words or less. This case has to be sent back to us by September 23.

Step 2. We can only admit a small number of people in the first selection round and if more people register than we can accommodate, we will have to turn some applicants down. Every one who applies will get a message on September 26 with the news if they have been selected or not. Those who have been selected will also be informed about the prepared motion and receive detailed practical information about the gathering on October 1.

Step 3. On October 1 University College Utrecht will host the Trials. First, the selected students will receive a short introduction to the WSDC format. Afterwards they will participate in three debates, adjudicated by the best debaters the Netherlands has to offer. We will contact everybody the day afterwards to inform them if they have been selected.

From October 1 onwards we expect everyone who has been selected to train with us approximately once a week – mostly during the weekends. Often there will be experts present during the training to give lectures and help the team with tough motions. We ask debaters to prepare a motion during the weekdays.

If you have any questions regarding the selection process, the WSDC 2012 or the DSDC Foundation, you can contact us at

Grab your chance!

The members of the team that attended the WSDC 2011 had a great time in Scotland and also during the preparations that preceded the tournament. We believe that this year will be a great experience as well. We encourage you to apply and join us on this journey to South Africa, with many laughs and great debates along the way.

We look forward to hearing from you!
With kind regards,
The DSDC Foundation