Let the classes begin!

Now that the furor over WSDC 2011 is over, my life has returned to normal, in most instances. After a rather lengthy train journey back to Atlantic College, I arrived to find another 100 odd people on campus – our first years had arrived.

It was quite fun meeting everyone for the first time, especially since I pretended to be a first year myself. That act lasted about one evening. I have almost memorized everyone’s name, but not having been to camp or been around when all the first years arrived does make it a little harder.

Last weekend, the Shakespear Globe theatre put on ‘As you like it’ on the top-lawn of the Castle Gardens. A really well done production that was entertaining and top-notch. What’s more, I was able to help set-up and take-down the stage as part of Art Center Service. Wonderful learning opportunity, and we were able to see the behind the scenes of the play which was a really cool experience.

Other than that, these last few days have mostly been free. Meaning long hours spent pouring over university applications and other mundane bits of work.

Today however, classes start again. So without further ado, let the classes begin!