Obama, get a backbone

A lot of news has been coming out of the US, as always. One thing that did catch my eye was the following tweet which has made its rounds in the news cycle:

OK, so maybe it was intended as a joke. But I think it makes a serious point about the way Obama is running his admistration. The term compromise DOES NOT mean GIVE REPUBLICANS ALL THEY WANT, which is sadly exactly what Obama is doing 90% of the team.

I respect his insistence on trying to negociate and his pragmatism in decision making, but when the other side is clearly unwilling to give any leway, sometimes Obama just needs to stop folding at every turn. There are times perhaps when he has to play grown-up and fold in the best interest of the country, thinking debt celing here (although the S&P’s downgrade really didn’t do that much damage), but he doesn’t need to do that on every issue.

Time and time again, the polls have shown clearly that if anyone is going to pick-up the blame, it’s going to be Republicans. So why give-up on ending the Bush tax-cuts, or refusing a debt solution that doesn’t definatively include tax increases.

Being grown-up and looking beyond petty politics isn’t a problem, but sometimes when he’s right, Obama needs to grow a backbown and stand firm.