WSDC 2011 – First Half

This is part of the WSDC 2011 series as I recount and report on the World School Debating Championship 2011 in Dundee, Scotland as a debater, blogger and Wales national team member.

Exhibition Match: THBT Scotland should become an independent nation

The 2011 World Schools Debating Championships has reached the mid-way point with some interesting results, some unexpected teams and quite a bit of sleep deprivation across the board. Round 1 – 4 have been completed and results can be found here. Teams had a BBQ dinner on the evening of the 18th and visited Dundee College for an evening reception complete with a show debate (in the style of Masters adopted from WUDC) on the motion that THBT Scotland should become an independent nation. The humors debate was filled with various jokes encompassing the World Schools format, Dundee as well as Wales being the faithful pet in the family of the United Kingdom – check Josephine’s blog for more details.

Yesterday, teams will be visiting Edinburgh including George Heriot’s School who will be hosting us. I have my Go Green Edinburgh World Heritage Map which I happened to pick-up while attending People and Planet 2011. I’m quite surprised it would ever be of any use but there you go, I now have a map… sorta.

Tomorrow, Round 5 and 6 will occur at the High School of Dundee. A number of tough clashes between the current top 16 teams, who are currently on either 3 or 4 wins, will occur during Round 5 on the motion ‘THW legalize the sale of human organs’. These are:

  • Australia (4, 11) vs. Korea (4, 12)
  • Ireland (3, 9) vs. England (4, 11)
  • New Zealand (4, 12) vs. Greece (4, 10)
  • UAE (3, 9) vs. Israel (3, 9)
  • Wales (4, 12) vs. Canada (4, 11)

DISCLAIMER: There may also be other debates that fall into this category that I have overlooked. I apologies for any errors which are entirely my responsibility.


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