WSDC 2011 – Tour & Opening Ceremony

This is part of the WSDC 2011 series as I recount and report on the World School Debating Championship 2011 in Dundee, Scotland as a debater, blogger and Wales national team member.

At Dundee Law

The first full day of events finished yesterday, it included tours of Dundee and an Opening Ceremony in the evening. Following a strange series of events, we turned up at breakfast a lot earlier than other teams which meant we had a bit of waiting around. We then went on the bus tour first, along with Team Australia, Mexico, Peru and Botswana. We learnt quite a bit about Jute which appears to have been quite important to the Dundee economy. We visited Broughty Castle which was built in the 1490s as well as Dundee Law which had a good panoramic view of the city, Camperdown Wildlife Centre where we had lunch and the University of Dundee Botanic Garden.

Welcome speech from convenor Irene McGrath

The evening was filled with the very well organized Opening Ceremony at the Bonar Hall. There were speeches from Irene McGrath (Convener), Lord Provost John Letford, Joyce Cullen (representing headline sponsors Brodies LLP), James Probert regarding the development of WSDC Ltd and Mike Galloway who described Dundee’s development plan for the river-side which was quite insightful and informative. This was accompanied with performances from students at the High School of Dundee and Webster’s High School. The string ensemble, songs and music was really enjoyable, I particularly liked the highland dancing though. The Scottish themed dinner was quite taste after which many teams left, presumably to prepare for today.

String Ensemble from the High School of Dundee

Preliminary rounds start today with Round 1 and 2. Round 1 is ‘THW offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power’ while Round 2 is impromptu. Team Wales will be against Team Germany in Round 1 and Team Scotland in Round 2.

For more about today, check out and I will hopefully still have enough energy to post an update tonight, otherwise twitter and the hash-tag #WSDC2011 are both brilliant sources of news.