WSDC 2011 – Team Chile

This is part of the WSDC 2011 series as I recount and report on the World School Debating Championship 2011 in Dundee, Scotland as a debater, blogger and Wales national team member.

For WSDC 2011, Team Chile will be

  • Victor Vidaurre (Colegio Tabancura)
  • A. Z. (Colegio Nido de Águilas)
  • Maria Fernanda Medina (Lincoln International Academy)
  • Juanita Silva (Villa María Academy)

Team Chile will be coached by Nicole Hansen and Elisa Zavala of the Universidad Andrés Bello. Elisa Zavala is returning as coach after having been a member of Team Chile in 2009 (Greece) and 2010 (Qatar).

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  1. Paul nice post just a detail: The guy’s name is Victor Vidaurre. The school’s name is Tabancura. Apparently it was misplaced in the original article in english…..please correct it.

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