AC Summer Makeover

The school year is beginning for second years at UWC Atlantic College. But the school has been busy over summer, doing various bits of improvements.

1) As has already been previously noted, the old Sunley is being repaired whilst a new Sunley has been built just inside the school gates, costing the school a significant weekly rent.

2) A majority of the computers on campus have been updated to Windows 7 Professional and the library computer suite even has wide-screen computers. Not all the computers have been up and running so I haven’t for example checked computers in the quite-rooms of houses and many of the computers in classrooms.

3) Finally, the school gym has been given a major makeover with a lot of new equipment including a proper running machine! In light of this, students are now requested to go through a ‘gym induction’ so as to ensure the equipment is not unnecessarily damaged.

Here’s a gallery of the madeover areas of campus.