One People One Planet

UWC Belgium is set to host a conference titled ‘One People One Planet’ from 26 – 29 August 2011 in partnership with the University of Louvain-la-Neuve. The forum was conceived and will be chaired by Cedric du Monceau, UWC AC alumnus (1973-1975) with the objective to generate constructive debate on some of the major challenges facing our globalised world within the context of the current ecological and financial turbulence and will concentrate on the following themes: international institutions, citizens, green technologies and personal development.

Each UWC school and college has been invited to nominate one student to attend the forum, providing the students with a high profile opportunity for them to represent and showcase UWC amongst global stakeholders. UWC alumni are also invited to participate in One People One Planet. As champions of UWC values way beyond their time at a UWC school, college or programme the presence of alumni will be a vital part of the event.
The invitation to schools can be found here.

The forum hopes to create a Youth Planet Charter which will feed into the work of international platforms such as the G20. It hopes to deal with four main questions:

  1. How to foster cultural change to deal with a system heavily relying on ever-growing consumption and ultimately depleting the planet’s resources, beyond regeneration?
  2. How to regenerate the governance and then reflect the need for ecological and ethical governance, leaning on new indicators of well-being?
  3. How to organize hierarchy for public ecological investments aligned on more sustainable alternatives for the next generations?
  4. Which new finance paradigm to serve economy and prosperity in the hole world and not only profit maximization?

The forum will be held in English and French as the working languages.
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More details, including the program, are available in this invitation: