WSDC 2011 – Newsletter 3

This is part of the WSDC 2011 series as I recount and report on the World School Debating Championship 2011 in Dundee, Scotland as a debater, blogger and Wales national team member.

My apologies that this is a few days late. I am currently on holiday and generally off the grid but things should be getting back to normal soon.

Key Points:

  • Check your arrival arrangements, whether by air or by train. Head to the Dundee University Student Association upon arrival.
  • In addition to the previously noted Belmont Tower and Seabraes, WSDC 2011 will also be using the Opal residence in a limited way to cater for all participants.
  • Ben linen, towels, crockery, cutlery, fridges, microwaves, cookers and a bank of coin-operated washing machines are all available at the university accommodation.
  • No smoking permitted at school and university campuses.
  • Hot 2 course meal from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on 16th August available. Soup and sandwiches also available for later arrivals.
  • National dress welcome but NOT compulsory for Opening Ceremony and PREFERRED for Closing Ceremony.

Dear all

Irene asked that I forward this to you as she seems to be having some problems sending emails out to this mailing list. I’m guessing that her email is so exhausted form over work that its taking a well deserved break and may well send this out later so I apologise if you end up getting it more than once!

We can’t believe it’s August already and WSDC Dundee is only a matter of weeks away, we are really excited to see so many of you in Scotland shortly and wish all the teams the very best of luck with their final preparations.

All the best

Co-CA WSDC Dundee 2011