Please note that this motion list is preliminary, incomplete and unverified. This is a final, verified (from the DCA) motion list as availible online. My apologies for the late update as I’m currently on holiday.

Test Debate
THW disallow people from leaving inheritances to pets
THW abolish all animal cruelty laws
THW not allow people to keep wild animals as pets

R1: Let’s get Physical
THW ban sports that aim to inflict physical violence on competitors
THW not allow minors to become professional gamers
THW have a minimum quota for local players in domestic leagues

R2: Equality
THBT the right to offend religion/s is an essential element to freedom of speech
THBT the feminist should embrace women who choose to disempower themselves.
THBT anorexia is a legitimate lifestyle choice.

R3: Dorks
THW stop the public funding of NASA
THBT governments should fund research to clone extinct species
THBT humanity would be better off knowing that intelligent life exists somewhere else in the universe

R4: Asia
THBT South Korea should stop seeking reunification
THBT China should abandon its one child policy
THBT the ASEAN should suspend Myanmar’s membership pending democratic reforms

R5: Kings and Queens
THW abolish laws that protect royal families from being insulted
THBT monarchies have no place in modern democracies
THBT the LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Movement) should stop celebrating gay parades

R6: Environment
THBT Japan should abandon civil nuclear energy
THBT it is justified to break the law to protect the environment
THBT governments should include environmental impact in measuring economic success

R7: You’ve been a bad boy/girl/etc.
THW televise executions of criminals
THW legalize all drugs in the USA
THW not grant tourist visas to states with high incidence of human trafficking

OF: Knowledge
THBT US government should establish primary schools that teach immigrant children in their native tongue
THW force religious schools to teach sex education including contraception
THW stop all research towards the cure for autism

QF: War
THBT the ICC should try Bashar Al Assad.
THBT aid should be protected by force without the permission of the sovereign state
THW allow objection to military service on the grounds of personal beliefs

SF: Economics
THBT the Greeks should default
THBT all water consumption beyond basic needs should come from private sources
TH regrets the rise of microfinance

GF: Arts and culture
THBT post-conflict societies should destroy all artwork created in support of a fallen dictator
THBT mainstream governments should not contact isolated tribes
TH celebrates the co-optation of political and artistic counter-cultures into the mainstream
THBT award ceremonies should not recognize music artists with misogynistic or discriminatory lyrics (changed when we realized it was too similar to Semis)

Novice GF: Media
THBT tabloids are essential to a vibrant democracy
THW allocate airtime for racist political parties in public TV networks
THBT celebrity felons should have harsher penalties

Source: Kip Oebanda (DCA)