Results for ASDC 2011

The third annual Asian Schools Debating Championships (ASDC 2011) was held in Seoul, South Korea from the 22-28 July after having been in Manila, Philippines for the last two editions. ASDC 2012 was confirmed to be held in Malaysia (I’m unsure whether this was a default win given the lack of mention of another bid or whether another bid was tabled).

The Grand Final featured Xavier School (Philippines) and Daewon Foreign Language High School (South Korea) with Daewon Foreign Language School emerging victorious by a 4-3 split.

Semi-Final pairings:

  • Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies A (South Korea) vs. Daewon Foreign Language High School B
  • Xavier School A vs. SR A

Rookie GF: Ladies College B (Sri Lanka) vs. Sekolah Seri Putri A (Malaysia)

Source: Facebook