AC IB Results 2011

Although UWC AC “does not, on principle, participate in newspaper league tables”, it has kindly released a rough breakdown of the IB results released in July 2011. This information can be found on the website at

No doubt, the full report (on final results and university places) to be released in September 2011 will be eagerly awaited.

Once again the students of UWC Atlantic College have achieved excellent results in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, continuing to improve on the successes of previous years.

95% of the students graduated with the full diploma with 20% of those achieved 40 points or more, which places these students in the top 10% worldwide.

Director of Academic Studies, Mark Godwin said, ‘Once again, an excellent performance by our students in the IB Diploma examinations this year. Even more remarkable considering that many of our students studied for a Bilingual Diploma in either their second, third or, in some cases, fourth language.’

  • 20% of students achieved 40+ points
  • 57% of students achieved 35+ points
  • 81% of students achieved 30+ points
  • 95% of students achieved the full IB Diploma

Please note that these results will be finalised by September 2011 when a full report on the final results and university places will be provided.

Note: UWC Atlantic College does not, on principle, participate in newspaper league tables.


  1. Honestly? UWC’s results weren’t much better than SIS’s, or any other average school, which is surprising considering the difficulty of admission and high caliber of students. SIS had 15% 40+ grades with a much more diverse mix of abilities.

    1. I agree. The results are stunning but given the background of students (English not being a first language, the adjustments to a new home) and the lack of focus on academic success (as opposed to LPC UWC), it’s not entirely unreasonable to get the grades that have been reported.

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