Debating Archive: ASDC 2010 [MOTIONS]

While I was packing for my long journey to the UK, I stumbled upon a trove of old debating notes with some interesting artifacts. One of them, featured below the list of motions used at the Asian Schools Debating Championships 2010 in Manila, Philippines.

R1: Why Can’t We Be Friends?
THW not allow women to discriminate sperm donors based on ethnicity
THW abolish single sex schools
TH supports the registration of child sex offenders who have already served their full sentence

R2: Culpability
THW charge parents of children who commit suicide with negligence
THW allow victims of climate change to sue polluting countries
THW prosecute HIV/AIDS patients who have unprotected sex without telling their partners

R3: Women
THW entitle housewives and house husbands to claim a fixed wage from their working spouses
THBT governments should force women to terminate dangerous pregnancies
THBT governments should financially support under-aged mothers

R4: Sports
THBT all team sports should be made to have a mixed category
THBT tobacco and alcohol companies should not be allowed to be sponsors in sports
THW remove judged sports in the Olympics

R5: Money, money, money
THW increase the price of petrol proportionate to the amount bought
THW disallow developed countries from selling their garbage to developing countries
THW privatize all educational institutions

R6: Religion and Culture
THBT the US should allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed in public schools
THW recover national treasures from foreign museums
THBT a mosque at Ground Zero is a legitimate expression of religious freedom

R7: IT
THW impose an online gaming curfew for minors
THBT universities should not be allowed to restrict access to websites while on campus
THW ban pro anorexia and bulimia websites

OF: Medical Ethics
THW ban animal testing
THW prohibit pharmaceutical companies from funding scientific research
THBT euthanasia should be legalized for terminally ill patients

QF: United Nations
THW auction off UNSC veto votes
THBT crimes committed by the Blue Helmets are crimes against humanity
THBT the UN should have a standing army

SF: Politics
THW give permanent residents the right to vote in general elections
THW allow individuals to cast votes on behalf of their mentally-handicapped family members
THW subject all politicians running for office to laws of full disclosure

GF: Media
THW introduce sin taxes on tabloids
THW arm journalists
THBT governments should not be allowed to own news corporations