Sing Tao 2011 Competition DVD

As is the case every year, it is now possible to purchase the annual Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition DVD. In the past, this has included the Grand Final debates, interviews with the Champions and some comments by the judges. This year, it appears that the DVD will include clips of the semi-finals although it is yet unclear how extensive their inclusion will be. If the entirety of the two semi-finals are included, that will make the DVD considerably longer. That said, it may make the deal a whole lot sweeter.

From the Sing Tao Website:
The DVDs feature the semi-final and grand final competitions of the English and Chinese champion teams at the 26th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition. The discs also include useful comments from renowned judges Prof. Arthur Li and Prof. Ma Ngok.

Available until the 26th of July, you can purchase a copy of what is officially called the “Debate and Liberal Studies II” DVDs by filling in the form seen below and presenting a designated coupon printed in the “Sing Tao Daily” newspaper along with HKD $28.

The form and further details can be found at Sadly, only a Chinese version is available.