UWC Principal changes

The 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 academic years will be a time of change at the top of a number of United World Colleges around the world. UWC Atlantic College, UWC Adriatic, Li Po Chun UWC, UWC Maastricht and UWC Mahindra College all had their principal depart. A not-up-to-date list of current ‘College/School Heads’ can be found at the UWC website.

A summary of the changes:

  • UWC Atlantic College: Mr. John Walmsley (from Sidcot School, UK) replaces Mr. Neil Richards
  • UWC Adriatic: Mr. Peter Howe (to UWC Maastricht) leaves, Mr. Mike Price will be Acting Head until a new principal is selected
  • UWC Maastricht: Mr. Peter Howe (from UWC Adriatic) replaces Dr. Geoffrey Fisher (to the Antwerp International School)
  • UWC Mahindra College: Dr. Jonathan Long (to Woodstock School, India), the new principal is being recruited
  • Li Po Chun UWC: Mr. Arnett Edwards (from KGV, HK) replaces Dr. Stephen Codrington (to The Awty International School, Houston, Texas, USA)

Details below:

I noted in November that Mr. Neil Richards would be leaving UWC Atlantic College and that Dr. Stephen Codrington would also be leaving LPC UWC for The Awty International School in Houston. It also appeared at the time that Dr. Geoffrey Fisher of UWC Maastricht would also be leaving. Mr. Paul Motte and Mr. Simon Murray stepped in as acting heads for Atlantic College and Maastricht respectively. Of course, it has already been announced that Mr. John Walmsley (currently of Sidcot School) will take up the post of Principal at Atlantic College in January 2012.

Recent updates indicate that Dr. Geoffrey Fisher will be joining the Antwerp International School. Peter Howe of UWC Adriatic is leaving to replace Dr. Geoffrey Fisher as principal of UWC Maastricht. And LPC UWC has selected its new principal, Mr. Arnett Edwards, currently the Vice-Principal of KGV, a local school in Hong Kong. Dr. Jonathan Long of UWC Mahindra College will also be leaving, this is confirmed by the MUWCI website where they are currently recruiting a new principal. Dr. Jonathan Long will be going to Woodstock School India, confirmed by the school’s website.