WSDC 2012 – Newsletter 1

WSDC 2011 has yet to begin, but already preparations for WSDC 2012 are in full swing. The organizing committee just released the first WSDC 2012 newsletter which will most certainly not be the last. This comes on the heels of the announcement that the actual dates of WSDC 2012 will be 17-27 January 2012, just 5 months after WSDC 2011.

I have summarized the key points of the newsletter below. A full copy of the newsletter is available at the end.

Key points:

  • The original main sponsor withdrew 3/4 of funding, creating a budgeting difficulty
  • WSDC 2012 has been redesigned as a budget tournament
  • Accommodation will still be provided at the Cape Town Ritz Hotel after they offered accommodation a prices cheaper than university accommodation
  • Preliminary rounds and octo-finals will be held in local schools
  • QF, SF and GF will be held at high-profile venues like the City Chambers, St George’s Cathedral and the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden
  • The official WSDC 2012 website will be operational in a few weeks
  • WSDC 2012 Newsletter 2 to be released 20 July 2011
  • Registration
    • Team Cap of 48 teams
    • ZAR 4500 for speakers, judges and coaches
    • ZAR 9000 for observers (including team managers who are not also coaches or judges)
    • Registration during August and notifications given in early September
    • Deposit to be paid through September and October
    • Final payment through October and November