Most trips home take quite a while, but this might end up being the longest of them all, mostly thanks to a 7.5 hour wait at Heathrow Airport. Thankfully, the lovely company of those of us who stayed at Heathrow waiting for our flights helped make the time pass much faster. The various movies, videos and DVDs certainly helped. My final CX flight for the immediate future eventually left at 6:55pm and landed 12 hours later in HK at 1pm local.

The flight itself was pretty normal, consisting of lots of movies and food. I did get extra space since the middle seat had no-one in it. I also finally completed my ‘5 movies in a flight’ challenge, successfully fitting in five movies and two TV shows. TRON: Legacy wasn’t a bad movie, but a little bland. The Green Hornet was quite good and so was The Kings Speech although I’m not convinced it was automatically Oscar worthy. The Mechanic and Mission Impossible were both reasonable but I got a little lost with the plot of Mission Impossible. Perhaps I was getting a little tired myself. With still some time left, I managed to squeeze in an episode of The Mentalist and TVB’s My 2010 ~ neither was that spectacular.

I must have been pretty drained from all that movie watching, IB and having stayed awake for nearly 24 hours because I promptly collapsed and enjoyed 12 beautiful uninterrupted hours of sleep after I got home.

I’ve had a week of ‘rest’, essentially doing absolutely nothing. So now it’s back to work until school starts again in August. What a lovely summer holiday 😀 At least I’m home!


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