An ending…

The final days of this academic year have been a concoction of emotion, nostalgia, fear, anticipation and rush. For some odd reason, we still had classes on Monday despite it being our penultimate day before departure. Frankly, there was little real learning going on, but in some cases it was useful in tying up loose ends and preparing for the summer holidays. I also lunged my library of stuff from the school library back to the house. I had no idea I had so much stuff – textbooks, workbooks, papers, notes, files – until I had to carry it myself. 😀

Tuesday was a bit crazy. We spent most of it running around, packing our stuff, writing in yearbooks and recycling/rubbishing lots of stuff. The house looked a downright mess but it eventually got sorted out. Just before dinner, we had the Graduation Assembly for second years. It’s suffice to say that both Valerie and Bill (both Americans, 2nd and 1st year respectively) gave top of the notch speeches. A buffet dinner followed but it were the many group photos that inevitably followed which seemed most important.

The first group of first years left at 10pm Tuesday night. I myself left on the Wednesday morning bus. Although no tears did flow despite what I’d anticipated, it was none-the-less a heartfelt departure. My second years have had a real and major impact on me in the last year and they will be sorely missed.

Best Wishes to all of you.
I love you, truly.

To first years – see you after summer, 2 months are a long time, but a 9 month bond isn’t that easy to break.