Motions debated at the 15th ALSA UI National English Competition held at the Universitas Indonesia’s Law School.

High Schools

R1: Health Care
THW exclude smokers from universal health care.
THW oblige all online games to stop operations between midnight to dawn.
THBT schools should create a standard diet for all students.

R2: Education
THW ban ethnic-bases student organisations.
THW not allow teachers unions to strike.
THW criminalise service providers that make assignments for students

R3: Sexuality
THW give reserved seats in parliament for LGBT.
THW create more unisex toilers.
THW allow homophobic comments in public spaces

R4: Impromptu
THBT benevolent dictatorship is better than a weak democracy for developing countries.
THBT election promises from elected candidates should be legally binding.
THW let immigrants vote.

R5: Sports
THW open a third gender category for sports.
THW establish a city to host the Olympic games permanently.
THBT FIFA should be made democratic.

OF: Media and Communications
THBT the entertainment industry should not use autistic and retarded people as main characters.
THW ban smoking in any kind of movie.
THBT the media should stay out of the bedroom.

QF: Technology
THW ban any electronic device application which offends sexual preference.
TH regrets the US court’s verdict on Google’s online library plans.
THBT Japan should give up on nuclear technology.

SF: Feminism and Children’s Rights
THW give children the right to sue parents for lack of love.
THBT government must give wages to stay-at-home mothers.
THW allow the burqa in every EU member country.

GF: Geo-Politics
THBT countries should be able to sell their votes in international organisations.
THBT the ASEAN should have a single currency.
THBT Julian Assange deserves a Nobel Prize.


R1: Human Rights
THBT even in full-fledged democracies, there should be no place for gun ownership.
THW pay for prostitutes for the handicapped.
THW allow citizens to sue their government for failure to provide a minimum standard of welfare

R2: Economy
THW abolish all conditions of development aid for war-torn countries
THB in austerity to survive times of financial crisis
THBT the EU and US should abolish their subsidies on agricultural subsidies

R3: Religion
TH opposes organised religion
THBT religion is a force of good
THW grant the right for religious institutions to discriminate

R4: Environment
THW establish a national disaster tax.
THW grant tax breaks to companies implementing green technologies.
THW resort to geo-engineering.

R5: Law
THW hold gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed by third parties using their guns.
THW stop plea bargaining in criminal courts.
THBT Supreme Court justices should be democratically elected by society.

OF: Culture
THBT indigenous people don’t deserve special treatment.
THW allow the auctioning of cultural heritage.
THW apply ethnic-based quota on highly polarised residential areas.

QF: International security
THW make aid inversely proportional to military spending.
THBT conscription of child soldiers by their parents is justified in the war for freedom.
THBT the UN should take sides against oppressive regimes which have lost legitimacy.

THW ban prisoners from publishing accounts of their crime.
THBT war journalists should be forced to reveal their sources before international criminal tribunals.
That the trials of alleged rapists of female victims should only be tried by a female judge and/or female jury.

THW Allow Consensual Cannibalism

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