English Fiesta 2011 [MOTIONS]

Motions debated at the English Fiesta held at Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia.

R1: Social
THW not restrict marraige between human and human
THB Mark Zuckenberg deserves the Nobel Prize
THW charge parents with obese children for negligence

R2: Environment
THW allow exaggeration of facts in the name of environmental conservation.
THW tax goods and services proportionally to the amount of CO2 they generate
THW halt all nuclear energy

THW disallow religion-based political parties from running in Indonesia’s elections
THBT ASEAN should have free movement of labour
THBT it’s about time ASEAN scraps its NIP (non-intervention policy)

R4: Freedom of Movement
THW prevent convicted pedophiles from living in certain communities.
THW restrict the movement of gang members.
THW open brothels in prisons.

R5: Social Economics
TH supports China’s no tied aid policy.
THBT food prices should not be determined by the free market.
THW restrict foreign ownership of local companies.

OF: Public Policy
TH rejects unpaid internships.
THBT politicians convicted of crimes should receive harsher punishment than ordinary citizens.
TH rejects citizen-made legislations.

QF: Sex
THW include pornographic films in award nominations.
THBT Catholic priests should have sex.
TH rejects the triple X domain.

SF: Religion
THBT the Vatican should redistribute its wealth to the poor.
THW disallow religions from discriminating based on gender or sexual orientation.
TH rejects the Vatican’s decision to let Mugabe in.

GF: 1,001 Conflicts
THW partition Libya.
THBT the Arab world has shirked its responsibilities.
TH celebrates the open border between Egypt and Gaza.

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