Motions for the InterVarsity Debating Championships held by the Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) Debate Club from 21 April 2011 to 24 April 2011

R1: THW make two years of military training compulsory for every citizen within the age group of 16-20
R2: THW impose a salary cap for the players of the professional team sports
R3: THW legalize sex tourism in developing countries
R4: THBT gov should financially support single pregnant teenage mother
R5: THBT we should completely shift to clean energy by the year 2021, in the light of the current natural disasters
QF: THBT gov should not allow media to publicize the celebrity kidnappings
SF: THBT West should arm Burmese militia
GF: THW form an ethical commission with legal enforcement authority for violation of ethical conducts by politicians