UCTI Asian IV 2011 [MOTIONS]

Motions for the Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI) Asian Inter-varsities 2011 held in Malaysia

R1: Golden finales
THW ban all race based political parties
THBT in times of war, the state should offer convicts imprisoned for heinous crimes the option to fight for the army in exchange of conditional pardon.
THBT the emigration of the best and the brightest from poor countries to the first world profits both countries.

R2: The King(s) & I
THW end the British Monarchy
THBT Thailand should repeal all its Les Majeste laws
THBT Malaysia should return immunity from criminal prosecution to its Sultans

R3: The State and You
THBT liberal democracies should cover the medical costs of individuals who sustain injuries during protests
THW abolish all private schools
THW remove the right to refuse life-saving treatments

R4: International affairs
THBT the West should not accept military assistance from non-democratic states in their (i.e. the West’s) support of pro-democratic uprisings
THBT all countries should end the development and usage of cyber-weaponry and cyber-attacks
THBT the United States should end all attacks on Taliban forces operating out of Pakistan

QF: Elections
THW allow parent to vote on behalf of their children
THW allow the selling of votes

SF: Crime & Punishment
THW remove the right of pardon from heads of state
THBT there should be no difference between the punishment for attempted criminal acts and those that are successfully completed
THW punish HIV-positive individuals who are convicted for spreading the disease intentionally, due to recklessness or accidentally with the same penalties as murder, manslaughter or negligence resulting in death

GF: God Said What?
THBT the state should censor portions of religious texts that clash with its laws