South African Schools Debating Board

The South African Schools Debating Board which sucessfully bid to host the 2012 World Schools Debating Championships in Cape Town recently upgraded its website which is hosted at

Following in the footsteps of a number of other debating websites which have switched from self-hosting platforms to wordpress or have simple been built from scratch on the wordpress platform (such as HKSDC, HKPDS and the WSDC 2011 webpage), SASDB have created a website that, although still in it’s devleopment stages, is at a minimum functioning and operating well.

Interesting things about the South African Schools Debating Community was its development program aimed at providing opportunities for “poorly-resourced” schools. It is also interesting for any other countries to note the national structure which they have created.

The website looks set to become the founding basis as the South African Schools Debating Board gets into top gear ahead of WSDC 2012 which will be held in less than a years time. Further details are siad to be published soon so we will keep an eye out.