Noah’s Ark

No, this isn’t about the story in the bible although you would be perfectly excused for thinking so. In actual fact, it’s about the Noah’s Ark Theme Park. Yes, it’s become quite a common them park around the world with ones dotted in London, Hong Kong and now Kentucky. Noah’s Ark Hong Kong was completed less than a year ago and is now operational although isn’t quite the massive attraction that its’ creators initially planned for.

Now, Kentucky, according to this New York Times article, wants to create it’s own, following the world wide trend in its creation of an ‘Ark Encounter’ theme park. This would include a full-size replica of the Ark as well as a Tower of Babel, a first-century village and a journey through the Old Testament.

The Hong Kong one was justified as part of a new green movement. The one in Kentucky however, is for nothing more than pure economics. While questions were asked about the potential religious implications of government approval for building a full sized Ark, Kentucky govenor Mr. Beshear replied in a highly economical fashion.

“The people of Kentucky didn’t elect me governor to debate religion, they elected me governor to create jobs.”

The men behind the idea also tried to take it out of a religious context… instead talking, like the one in Hong Kong, about green ideas. “We want to show how Noah would have taken care of them, taken care of waste management, taken care of water needs and food needs.”

The park will include a 100-foot Tower of Babel, a first-century Middle Eastern village and a journey through the Old Testament, with special effects depicting Moses, the 10 plagues and the parting of the Red Sea. For children, there will be a petting zoo, live bird and animal shows and a play area with ziplines and climbing nets — all Bible-themed.

From a purely neutral standpoint, I would quite like to see what they make of this project. Especially given the controversy it has stired up.