WSDC 2011 – Newsletter 2

This is part of the WSDC 2011 series as I recount and report on the World School Debating Championship 2011 in Dundee, Scotland as a debater, blogger and Wales national team member.

The second newsletter for WSDC 2011 was quitely released on the events website and in an email only to the participating countries rather than a mass release on the WSDC list as is the norm. I have included a copy of the newsletter below as well as summarizing the key points.

I have also updated the schedule based upon any new information contained in the newsletter. Check out the latest version of the WSDC 2011 Schedule at this blogposts.

Much of the information regards logistics, payment and other such details are intended for Team Managers and I have intentially excluded these from the update. As such, Team Managers should read the newsletter in full because the information I have included below is intended for debaters, observers, participents and WSDC enthusiasts.


30 April – On the 23rd of August, the schedule indicates that optional tours will be held in the afternoon. Those who wish to attend the tours should indicate their interest by this deadline. Full details of the tours availible at the bottom of the page.

  • Dunnottar Castle (£12 inc VAT) [Few places remain]
  • St Andrews (£8.4 inc VAT) – This tour will simply take you to St Andrews and allow you to explore it at will
  • Glamis Castle (£18 inc VAT, inc Entry to castle)
  • Arbroath (£8.4 inc VAT) – typical small Scottish fishing town with an historic Abbey
  • Whisky Tasting (£6 inc VAT) to adults only that evening

2 May – All invoices will be made and sent. At this time, costs and fees should have been decided (the reason why tours must have been chosen by this date)
9 May – Team Biographies and photos to be sumbitted. Plain text in word document with .jpeg image is requested. A maximum limit of 500 words will be imposed regarding the A4 WSDC 2011 Brochure.
20 May – All financial payments must be made by this date including cost of optional tours.
30 June – All ESL/EFL applications, Code of Conducts and passport scans submitted to the respective individuals in the organizing committee. This information must be finalized using the online registration system.

Complimentary Stuff

The registration fees per person will include the following:

  • Airport transfer from Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Glasgow under certain conditions
  • Acoommodation with broadband (users need to bring an Ethernet cable)
  • All transport to and form venues unless they are within walking distance
  • 17 Aug – Tours of Dundee, on foot and by coach including lunches
  • 20 Aug – Trip to Edinburgh including the coach journey and dinner
  • Meals :10 breakfast, 7 lunches and 8 dinners
    • Teams will have to sort out other meals themselves including 2 lunches and 2 dinners
    • 16 – Dinner
    • 17 – Breakfast, Lunch whilst on tour, Hot Buffet Dinner
    • 18 – Breakfast, Lunch at schools, BBQ dinner
    • 19 – Breakfast, Lunch at schools, Buffet dinner
    • 20 – Breakfast, Dinner in Edinburgh @ GHS
    • 21 – Breakfast, Lunch in schools
    • 22 – Breakfast, Lunch in schools, Dinner at the Break-Night party
    • 23 – Breakfast, Packed lunch
    • 24 – Breakfast, University buffet lunch, Ifthar Dinner
    • 25 – Breakfast and Grand Final Dinner
    • 26 – Breakfast

Tour Details

From the registration system:

St Andrews (14 miles / ½ hour)
This tour will simply take you to St Andrews and allow you to explore it at will. You could:

  • look at the world-famous Old Course of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club (the clubhouse is not open to visitors)
  • walk on the West Sands (as in the film Chariots of Fire)
  • go on a Kate&Will walk and visit the University quadrangle and St Salvator’s Chapel, walk on the pier, scramble around the ruined castle with its mine and countermine, and the equally ruined cathedral or potter about the streets and eat Jannetta’s superb ice cream

£8.40 (inclusive of VAT)

Glamis Castle (14 miles / ½ hour)
Childhood home of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Glamis is a wonderful example of a 600-year old Scottish castle which has remained a family home. Tours include the beautifully-maintained interior and the extensive grounds. There is supposed to be a ghost, but we have to tell you we have never seen it!
£18 (inclusive of VAT) (including entry to and tour of castle)

Dunnottar Castle (51 miles / 1¼ hours)
The content of this tour is very kindly sponsored by our friends and fellow debaters in school in Aberdeen, who are keen to add their welcome to Scotland to those offered by the City of Dundee and George Heriot’s School on the visit to Edinburgh. Since this is a longer drive, this coach will leave earlier and a picnic lunch will be provided on arrival. Dunnottar was an almost impregnable fortress due to its striking position on coastal cliffs, and visitors are able to access all areas. Zeffirelli’s Hamlet was partly filmed here. This tour is not advised for those of restricted mobility.
£12 (inclusive of VAT)

Arbroath (18 miles / ½ hour)
A small traditional fishing town, Arbroath is renowned for two things; the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 stating Scotland’s intention always to be free, and the smokie, which is a smoked haddock considered a delicacy.
The Abbey is open to visitors and there is an excellent fish and chip shop by the picturesque harbour.
£8.40 (inclusive of VAT)

Whisky tasting – evening of Tuesday 23rd August
£6 (inclusive of VAT)

WSDC 2011 – Newsletter 2