HK announces Development Team

Following in the foot-steps of a number of other teams in the world, including Australia, Canada and England, the Hong Kong Schools Debating Council has announced the creation of an HK Development Team.

The Development Team, according to details released by HKSDC, will be lead by Ms. Kay Deswani (Ying Wah College) along with Greg Forse and Team HK for WSDC 2011.
As per most development teams, participation is limited to those in their second last year of high-school or under so as to ensure their availability for next year’s full-strength team.

With a number of countries already putting development teams in place for WSDC 2012, competition is heating up. This is most likely due to the relatively closer nature of WSDC 2011 and WSDC 2012 which will only be half a year apart, limiting the amount of time available for selection and training. Many countries have tried to jump the gun by using development teams to being training debaters so as to take advantage of a longer training period.

With so little time between WSDC 2011 and WSDC 2012, I’m not sure whether to expect more than the usual number of new debaters at WSDC 2012 or a more the usual number of same-old-same-old debaters at WSDC 2012. On the one hand, good debaters that are still around are likely to take part in both competitions if they can manage. Yet the two being so close together places a considerable financial burden on debaters. In addition, with the two teams requiring so much time, so close together, not every is able to put in the time and effort without jeopardizing academic results. This will indeed be an interesting one to watch.

The HK Development Team’s main assignment will be HoEDT 2011 this summer in Czech Republic. For HoEDT 2010, Team Hong Kong placed 2nd, loosing only in the Grand Finals to South Africa.

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