Eating Truffles in the White House

Amongst the many delicacies in the world, the truffle is noted for being expensive, rare and exclusive. Indeed, in the last 2-3 years, a sign of the value that is placed on truffles, particularly black truffles, Hong Kong citizens have won an annual truffle auction and snapped up the biggest truffle every year.
Essentially, truffles are nothing more than fungus… but, I’ve heard they taste a hell of a lot better than what you’d think. It appears that White truffles are the most valuable, beating black truffles in value. There seems also to be a ‘Chinese truffle’ variant, although it is considerably more common.

The HK buying spree started in 2006 when Gordon Wu and his wife paid USD 150,787 for a gigantic Italian White Alba truffle weighing 3.3 lbs. That record was beaten by Stanley Ho who in 2007 bought a white truffle weighing 3.3 lbs for USD 330,000. In 2010, Stanley Ho again won the auction, buying two truffles weighing just under 3 lbs for another USD 330,000.

Where’s the best place to eat a truffle? Why the White House of course.

It’s not that the White House has a particularly good kitchen although I am sure that it’s chefs are of the most talented. Rather, it’s the fact that it is globally recognized as a location and address of global importance. Although this may well change in the next few years, almost no issue in the world is considered without people wondering what the White House’s response would be.
If nothing more, eating a giant white truffle in the White House would be the epitome of an important, successful individual.

Then again, that’s all just wishful thinking.