Vetoing an increase of the US Debt Limit

Stimulus: What would you do differently if you were president or Prime Minister of your country for a day?

First came the government shutdown threat, now comes the need to increase the debt limit, then comes the long term financial fight. The US congress is engaged in a length and protracted fight over money, ideology but most importantly politics.

On previous ocassions, Obama has managed to portray himself as a middle-of-the-run President who is able to operate above the fray. But that has come at the nasty cost of some major concessions to Republicans. Certainly, cutting spending is now a mutual goal of both the Democrats and the Republicans. but in doing so, Obama has disenfranchised his liberal base without much to show to independents except having been able to sign a bill.

While the debate over whether to raise the US debt limit or not continues, I believe that Obama should veto any bil that contains anything other than a clean bill.

No major politician is even arguing that the US could deal with not increasing it’s debt limit. Even Paul Ryan’s own plan requires the debt limit to increase. With such unanimous support for increasing the limit from Republicans, Democrats, Economists and most voters, reports aren’t even asking whether the limit will be raised, but asking what might gow ith it.

If I were President, nothing. Obama can easily make a case for a clean bill to raise the debt limit, and any veto he uses is likely to be effective given that even Republicans agree the debt limit must bre raised.

Simply by not signing any bill that includes any riders and additional measures, Obama can energise his more liberal base, safe-guard a few more of his initatives and still get the debt limit raised.

No sweat. If only being President were that easy.