UWC Adriatic MUN 2011: Part 5

Thankfully, after a long day of tiring and endless negotiations and conferencing, we were able to settle down for a good Adriatic dinner which I enjoyed on the porch like thing outside the ‘Mensa’. Adriatic have a wonderful sea-view and I’m not surprised they love enjoying their meal outside. AC also have a beautiful view, but it’s significantly harder to get to given that you have to walk pretty much all the way to the sea-front to enjoy the sea’s full blast, or dare to take your tray out (totally unadvisable) to the top lawn.

I followed Angus (my HK second year) to Lukeze (did I spell this right?) and stayed there talking, observing, playing until around 11 when I went back to the room to pack up, finish some work and sleep. Saturday night wasn’t quite as eventful as most people decided against doing odd things, especially after a very active Friday night.

The next day, we woke up promptly at 9 to catch the 10:22 bus only to realize when we got there that I’d actually checked the wrong schedule. We finally righted ourselves by checking the schedule for the bus going in the right direction which gave us an extra hour on our hands. I spent most of it in Raymond’s dorm (my HK co-year), skipping with yet another HK UWCer and just filling the time I suppose.

While Angus and Raymond went to do their bit in the Adriatic LipDub which was being filmed as we were leaving (LINK), me and Merone caught the bus to the airport. Thankfully, I was able to successfully get through security and everything without being noticed for having a slightly bulgier bag. After what had happened at Heathrow, I was downright scared out of my pants that they’d force me to chuck out half my stuff.

Eventually though, we got to Heathrow, caught a bus to London and popped onto National Express after visiting Pret-A-Manger twice and getting myself a Big Mac. We crossed into Wales just after 9pm and were thankfully picked-up by Naser (my tutor) when we got back to Cardiff. It wasn’t until 10:30 when we got back, most certainly past 10:15 check-in, but not all together that late.

Ignoring all the things that could or did go wrong, it was an eventful, fun and very educational trip. Adriatic MUN was pretty fun. Many thanks to Merone for bearing with my pedantic means and everyone at UWC Adriatic for a wonderful time.

~Committee session is now over~


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