UWC Adriatic MUN 2011: Part 3

Friday arrived and the village was in full MUN spirit. We grabbed some breakfast at Fore house, a speciality of Adriatic where breakfast is put in the residences (cereal, croissant and milk usually). It’s probably good for people who are late wakers or who have the first class free, but sometimes I prefer the hot food provided by AC at breakfast. In any case, we went to the opening ceremony in the school auditorium where we had a flag ceremony, and a speech from the SecGen. After that, it was off to our committee rooms for the speeches, negotiating and arm twisting.

I was, by luck or by fate, France in the Security Council which meant I had veto power! Our first issue of discussion was the Korean peninsula where most of the discussion centered on how to reduce hostilities, whether reunification was desirable and who should be responsible for doing what. After a few moderated causes and the odd unmoderated caucus, a proposal put forth by Bosnia and Herzegovina was particular in that it suggested a new UN body to deal with Korean matters. Hating new bodies and hoping to keep power amongst themselves, the P5 countries pretty much rejected the proposal. In the need, we borrowed part of B&G’s proposal, and chose to bolster existing bodies rather than create new ones. I also slipped in a few things about UNHRC and the nuclear program while writing the final resolution. We eventually passed it 13-2 on Saturday just before lunch.

The 2nd issue for the SC was nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament which we only started before lunch on Saturday, giving us only 4 hours or so to deal with a pretty contentious issue. This debate started slowly with some pretty clear positions for most nations, but uncertainty over where to begin the discussion.

We eventually got stuck-in on the issue of a nuclear fuel-bank, but didn’t quite reach a consensus. Resolution writing was chaotic to say the least, what with the clock ticking and a lot of people. There were two separate resolutions, but eventually, I was able to submit a resolution which the USA kindly amended rather than supersede with it’s own resolution.

The best bit didn’t come until the end when, after all the debate and amendments, the resolution was put to the vote. I managed to temporarily forget to vote for the resolution which I wrote. And inspire of the no-so-subtle hints from the chair, both China and Russia ultimately voted for the strongly worded resolution. Our CommitteeSession ended with a Security Council photo.

“Applause is now in order”


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