UWC Adriatic MUN 2011: Part 1

Just as the Welsh weather began to improve, I took the opportunity to jet off to somewhere even warmer and a whole lusher ~ UWC Adriatic MUN 2011, but first, I had to get to Duino.

After a few last minute changes, me and Merone (from BC, Canada) began our 22 hours of traveling at the bus-stop just outside UWC AC to catch a bus to Llantwit. From the get-go, there were problems. Neither the public bus (darn Welsh public transport), nor our taxi (which had been our back-up plan) turned-up. Thankfully, one of our administrative staff members was kind enough to give us a ride to the train station.

Once we got into Cardiff, we took some time to stock-up on wifi and food before catching our Megabus to London. This being my 4th Megabus experience, the service is surprisingly reliable despite being significantly cheaper than National Express. After a few cookies and a half-full stomach, I popped off to sleep for about an hour until I woke up in Bristol. It took me a while to find my bearings which meant I stared at my watch frantically wondering how we got to London so quickly for for a while. We were in Bristol @Carlson Hall for 10 minutes or so before we went to our second stop @UWE Frenchay Campus. It was good to revisit Bristol, after all, you can see new things everytime you visit a place. I noticed a massive Primark store and some very colorful sculptures outside a hospital. Though I was only passing by, it reminded me of our successful Bristol Schools campaign and lightened the mood a lot.

I slept away the remainder of the journey to London, waking-up at 9:45 to an odd sight. What I originally thought was a rather-odd means night out when 7 men and a child walked by the bus, turned into hoards of people, some dressed in almost a suit, many in dull colours. Since we were in the Fulham area, I can only assume that there was a match of some sort. Certainly though, there wasn’t the sort of colourful clothing I would have originally expected.

It was a good thing that we gave ourselves lots of time to spare because we were able to grab a bite for dinner as well as stroll around a little. In my case, I had a Turkey Breast and Ham 6′ sub. We had a little scare on the tube when signals stopped South Bound Victoria trains and North Bound trains were made a little chaotic. We eventually got going and walked by a bus stop at Baker St. station, checked our map, turned around and found ourselves staring at our EasyBus to Stansted that had eluded us just moments ago. There was a bit of a commotion when one of the passenger who had a 1am ticket tried to board. In the end, the bus left with just 4 people: Me, Merone, the driver and 1 other passenger. I will never quite figure out how companies operate such low cost transportation with so few passengers.

We arrived at Stnstead at about 20 past 12 and walked around to find a comfy chair to spend the night. Sadly, we found none. We’d been beaten to pretty much all the airport seats, many in a rather deceptive manners where you don’t realize someone’s lying there until you’re standing over them. Eventually, we got a series of cushioned chairs outside Pret a Manger and went to sleep at about 1.