Cause of fire – Inconclusive

Main points from the school’s update regarding the fire at Sunley House, UWC Atlantic College.

  • Fire has been ruled as accidental.
  • Enquiry into the cause was inconclusive.
  • Fire started in the upstairs quite room.
  • Both a complete re-build or a partial re-build being considered.
  • Next year’s student intake will not be affected.

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From regarding the cause of fire.
Current (14:30 14/4/2011)

Inquiry into cause of Boarding House Fire Inconclusive
14th April 2011

Following the fire incident that devasted Sunley boarding house earlier this week the fire service has completed the investigation into the cause of the fire. The conclusions from the investigation were that the fire was accidental, had started in the upstairs quiet room of the house and that the inquiry into the cause was inconclusive.

Insurance assessors are currently looking at the building and although both floors and the roof of the building were damaged in the fire a complete re-build may not be required. However, at this stage, nothing is confirmed.

The students of Sunley House are living in accommodation within the castle and continue to receive the support of the college community. Some were fortunate enough to be able to retrieve most of their personal possessions, others, unfortunately, lost everything.

We can confirm that the incident will not affect next year’s intake numbers and that the education programme continues as normal.