University of Macau Championships 2011 [MOTIONS]

Motions for the 4th University of Macau Debating Championships 2011 held on 26th and 27th of March.
See for results.

R1: Education
THBT We should ban homeschooling.
THBT state subsidy for higher education should priorities students whose parents did not have higher education.
This house believes that humanities courses should be part of every undergraduate programme.

R2: International Relations
THBT the earth should be a nuclear-free zone.
THBT international law should prohibit the use of unmanned fighting vehicles.
THBT west should stop all military intervention in Lybia.

R3: Social
THW ban reality TV shows that seek to catch partners in romantic relationships that are unfaithful.
THBT Aoption Agencies that receive state funding should give priority to same sex couples and infertile couples.
THW make insulting religion a crime.

R4: Environment
THW abolish patents for Green Technology.
THBT the ICC should allow for the prosecution of “Crimes against the earth”.
THBT environmental terrorism is morally justified.

R5: Voting/Democracy
THW prohibit all political donations.
THW peg the right to vote to intellect.
THW allow parents to cast proxy votes on behalf of their children.

GF: Women
THBT women should be given a “gender bonus” for working. [USED]
THBT women rights are culturally relative.
THW ban hymen reconstruction surgery.