WIDPSC 2011: Grand Final Results + Analysis

Overall results for the 2011 World Individuals Debating and Public Speaking Championships from Brisbane, Australia following the Grand Finals. See previous post regarding the finals and some analysis.
Many thanks to Mr. Michael Evershed, co-coach of the HK Team for WIDPSC 2011, facebook and Tiffany Chung for the following results.

Not quite the overall results I had expected or predicted in the analysis. I presume that the organizers factored the final-results into account, thereby ensuring that those who had 4 final events weren’t necessarily the top speaker. In any case, the top 5 were all in my list of top 7 individuals. Only Hope William (AUS) and Sarah Levy (CDN) dropped to 10th and 14th respectively.

Canada have 7 in the top 20 while South Africa has 3, Australia and HK both have two. All 4 of the UK’s representatives appear in the top 20 while only 2 Americans appear on the top 20 list.
In the top 10, Canada, Australia, UK and the US all have 2 spots while HK and South Africa have one a piece.

Cameron Ewing (USA), Tom Diment (UK) and Heather Pickerell (HK) were the only individuals to appear in 2 grand finals each although Tom Diment remains the only one of the three to have been ranked in the top two in both instances.
In terms of Grand Final appearances, perhaps Tom Diment deserves more than the lowly 13th he received.

Results from http://hksdc.wordpress.com/2011/04/08/widpsc-2011-grand-final-results/

Best Speakers

  1. Nic Martin [Canada]
  2. Reantha Pillay [South Africa]
  3. Oliver Kelham [UK]
  4. Cameron Ewing [USA]
  5. Heather Pickerell [HK]
  6. Fraser Genuis [Canada]
  7. Shubhro Shah [USA]
  8. Jacob Rodrigo [Australia]
  9. James McKean [UK]
  10. Hope Williams [Australia]
  11. Ben Allen [HK]
  12. Imogen Sealy [UK]
  13. Thomas Diment [UK]
  14. Sarah Levy [Canada]
  15. Jessica Hichens [South Africa]
  16. Sarin Drew [South Africa]
  17. Anisah Mahomed [Canada]
  18. Derek Knight [Canada]
  19. Jerome Biroo [Canada]
  20. Kristine Ramsbottom [Canada]

By Event

Persuasive Speaking

  1. Heather Pickerell [Hong Kong]
  2. Reantha Pillay [South Africa]


  1. Tom Diment [UK]
  2. Ben Allen [HK]
  3. Cameron Ewing [USA]
  4. Heather Pickerell [HK]

Interpretive Reading

  1. Kristine Ramsbottom [Canada]
  2. Nic Martin [Canada]

Impromptu Speaking

  1. Cameron Ewing [USA]
  2. Tom Diment [UK]

After-Dinner Speech

  1. Oliver Kelham [UK]
  2. James McKean [UK]


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