The prepared motions for the HI’s Language Inside Tournament organized by the Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Airiangga in Indonesia.


THB in humanitarian intervention in Zimbabwe
TH regret the partition of Sudana
THBT Palestine should accept demilitarization in return for a guaranteed sovereign state

Same Sex

THW subsidize child stories authors to create more homosexual heroes and lesbian heroines
THW welcome western pressure to repeal Africa’s anti-homosexuality laws
TH opposes the repealing of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell


THBT equality to religious rights as reflected in Pancasila and 1945 Constitution have been grossly misinterpreted by the Indonesian society
THBT 3 Ministers Joint Decree (SKB) is a form of discrimination against minority rights for faiths and religions
THW justify the football match under LPI management

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