Here are the prepared motion for SMANISDA Open Debate 2011:

A. Transborder Conflict
1. THBT UN should pull back troops from Libya
2. THW prioritize asylum seekers who have engaged in armed struggle against oppressive regimes
3. In times of war, THW justify deliberate lie to its citizen

B. European Union
1. THBT EU should pursue new member states by removing all NON economic membership condition, including political system, and global location
2. THB Eurozone countries should bail out other countries which could otherwise default on their sovereign debt
3. THBT EU should trade with other countries inversely Proportionate to their Emission

C. Environment
1. THW ban patent on green technology
2. THBT global green-movement contribution should be proportioned to countries’ economic growth
3. THW oblige countries with high carbon emission to give more aid for countries affected by natural disaster