ASDC 2011: Fees

With dates confirmed, teams set and hotels decided, the organizing committee for ASDC 2011 (which has been abnormally efficinet) have been facing the daunting problem of money, much like every other event organizer.

Accommodation during ASDC 2011 will be at the 5 star ‘Lexington Hotel’ or the 5 star ‘Three Stay Seven’.

Details regarding fees from Jeewon the Convenor.

Over the past month, we’ve received many questions regarding registration fees. The orgcom was and is aware that Seoul’s High prices will make the tournament a substantial financial burden. In order to create an affordable tournament, we’ve been working hard to gather sponsoships and reduce logistical costs from multiple angles.

We did not want to announce registration fees prematurely before we acquired enough sponsors, but it has also come to our attention, that many debaters and their institutions have to apply for sponsorships of their own. The orgcom, therefore, has decided to announce absolute maximum registration and accommodation costs. Please note that these costs are premature. There is very little possibility that costs will go up by the time of full payment. The orgcom will try its best to lower the costs. Our Business and Finance Director is sending out proposals everyday.

We will start receiving down payments from the second step of registration and will receive full payments at the third step. The costs are as follows:

  • Individual debater registration fee: $230
  • Judge/Observer registration fee: $200
  • Accomodation fee: $220

Thank you,
Convener of ASDC 2011: Seoul