AC Principal Selection – Student Interview Photos [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] The Board of Governors appear to have made a decision on their preferred candidate. Hopeful an official announcement will be made soon, once contracts and negociations have been completed.

On Tuesday 22 March 2011, UWC Atlantic College held a long series of interviews with the three candidates for Principal. We had a Q&A session with students for around 40 minutes. I also took the three candidates around on a tour of campus with Marie-Sophie (Denmark 2010-12). The candidates also had interviews/conversations with the acting principal, the two vice-principals and with the Board of Governors on Wednesday.

A decision will be made soon but I’m not sure exactly when. Given the impending decision, I will remain from making any comment in public on this blog for the time being. All I will say is that I think that students had a clear consensus in its first, second and third choice. I also feel that amongst the academic staff, support staff and students, there is a similar general consensus although not quite a strong as amongst the students.

While we wait for a decision to be made, take a look at the photos of the interview session with students.
Please note that photos of the three candidates have been removed after privacy concerns were brought to me. Upon confirmation of AC’s new principal, I may release that individual’s photo as necessary.

Student Panel

Student Council Chair and Scretary - Bill and Francis

Rune on Tech


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