AC Principal Selection [UPDATED]

[UPDATED] In a later email to the whole student and staff body following emails regarding the use of ‘+1’ to refer to the wife/partner of candidates and the gender imbalance of candidates, Paul Motte (Acting Principal of Atlantic College) indicated that “62 applicants for the post of Principal” were recieved “only two of whom were female”. It now appears that the previously rumored 200 applications were a little inflated.

After the rather sudden upheval of the management structure of Atlantic College, mostly the departure of Neil Richards as Principal of Atlantic College, the process for selecting the new AC principal is well underway.

There were a reported 200 62 applicants (I’m not sure if this is true or not) of which 3 remain. All three will be visiting the college on Tuesday and Wednesday to get a better sense of the school and for interviews, presentations and Q&A sessions with various parties. Despite a process that would originally have included a whole-school presentation and an interview with a smaller group of students, we weren’t told until Wednesday that students would be limited to just 40 minutes with each candidate of which 10 would consist of their presentation.

To be honest, I’m dissapointed for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m a little annoyed at the fact that the student body was told to create a sub-committee to carry out the small group interview only to find out when it was already to late to change anything that we would have only 1 whole school session, making the sub-committee entirely redundant. Secondly, I don’t feel that 40 minutes is sufficient for us as a student body to gather a sufficient concensus.
Admitedly, the process is more open than most schools, at least allows the entire school to participate and seems more democratic than most other schools. It’s a rather tight spot, and while I’d love to have more time and more opportunity for indepth discover of the candidates, we’ll just have to make do with what time we have.

The profile of the three candidates are as follows:
Please note that the profiles of the three candidates have been removed for privacy concerns. Upon confirmation of AC’s new principal, I may release that individual’s profile as necessary.